Privatizing Iraqi Oil for US Corporations

What Congress Really Approved: Benchmark No. 1: Privatizing Iraq's Oil for US Companies

Retired Army Colonel Ann Wright says the supplemental bill Congress passed to continue funding the Iraq war is really about "stealing Iraq's oil - the second largest reserves in the world. The "benchmark," or goal, the Bush administration has been working on furiously since the US invaded Iraq is privatization of Iraq's oil. Now they have Congress blackmailing the Iraqi Parliament and the Iraqi people: no privatizationof Iraqi oil, no reconstruction funds."

VIDEO Keith Olbermann: The Entire Government Has Failed Us on Iraq
Keith Olbermann presents a special comment on betrayal saying, "For thepresident - and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file congressmen and senators of either party - there is only blame for this shameful and bi-partisan betrayal."

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