Scotch Riflemen to Attend MCHA Event, May 8, 9

To attend “The Oldest Living Confederate Widow: Her Confession”
The Shaw House, Southern Pines, May 8, 9

Members of The Scotch Riflemen 2001, Sons of Confederate Veterans, will attend the event sponsored by Moore County Historical Association, proceeds to assist with maintenance of the Britt Sanders Cabin on the Shaw House property.

The play is based upon Allan Gurganus’ best-selling novel and stars Jane Holding in a non-stop, 90-minute performance.

The Riflemen often work in tandem with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, John Blue Chapter, in Aberdeen. Members must show proof of having at least one ancestor who served honorably during the War Between the States, often referred to as The War for Southern Independence, ‘The Civil War’ being a misnomer.

The Riflemen take their name from the NC State Troops for Moore County under Captain Vander Blue. The group is formed in order to draw attention and honor to the region’s Southern heritage, especially to its distinctly Scottish flavor in this area of the South.

The Confederacy used at least five different flags during the war, but the most recognized is the one based upon the national flag of Scotland, the St. Andrews Cross, given that most of the troops in the Confederacy were of Scottish origin.

The Riflemen, arriving in uniform, will set up a tent on the Shaw House grounds for the weekend of the May 8th and 9th Oldest Living Confederate Widow performances, book-signings and wine receptions and are available to answer questions pertaining to Moore County’s cultural heritage.

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