Soulgrass in Aberdeen, Nov. 14

Soulgrass Rebellion, Sat., Nov. 14th, 8p.m.Poplar Knight Spot
114 Knight Street, Aberdeen

General admission $9. cash and checks at the door.

Little Picture BIG Sound !

Soulgrass Rebellion—a befitting moniker for the new Asheville-based band whose sound might best be categorized as an eclectic amalgamation of acoustic and folk with shades of bluegrass and a dash of funk. The group’s front man, songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Oso Rey, best describes the band’s music. “It’s where the two-step and the one drop meet: roots…reggae…and soul.” He defines Soulgrass Rebellion as, “…more than a band—it’s a movement—and we want our audience to have a stake in both.”

Soulgrass Rebellion started coming together long before anyone realized what was developing. About a year ago guitarist Silas Durocher began playing with Oso Rey at the Lexington Living Room songwriter series at BoBo Gallery in downtown Asheville. The two musicians became familiar with one another’s style and found they perfectly complemented one another. “We don’t play over each other… there’s a space where our collective sound meets and parts again,” explains Oso.

In late 2008, Brian Jones jumped in on drums and found his place beside Oso and Silas. Brian brought Justin Powell, a session bass player from Atlanta. The music emanating from the jam sessions at Bobo Gallery continued to evolve. By February 2009, the new group, Soulgrass Rebellion, had gelled and began preparing to officially arrive on the scene. Join the local scene at the gallery space of Poplar Knight Spot in lower Aberdeen, NC. One block east of US 1 on Knight St.

The show starts at 8. Right around the corner at the Aberdeen Cafe, Ben and Rose will be serving up their Saturday night fish fry, AND their terrific new menu. Stop in for your tickets, and get a coupon for $1. off each entree.Now serving beer and wine . Running late? Order a take out and bring it on to the Schpot.

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