Backyard Chicken Care, April 9, Sanford


Instructor: Judy Hogan, Hoganvillaea Farm, Moncure
April 9, Saturday, 9 AM-4 PM. CCCC, Sanford, Civic Center and Hoganvillaea Farm. Cost $29.00 for the day.

Farmer Hogan will introduce students to backyard or urban chicken care: appropriate facilities, chick care, nutrition, litter management, laying, egg sales, and killing as needed. We begin in Sanford and then move to Judy’s Moncure farm in the afternoon to see her flock.

With limited space and experience, plus a sense of humor, raise a small flock of happy chickens. Hogan shares her learning curve on basics, chicks to healthy eggs and meat. Topics include: Everything wants to eat chickens, Spoiling your chickens and why, Outwitting your not so dumb chickens.

Students will gain confidence in starting and maintaining their own small backyard chicken flock, have a handle on potential problems, solutions, and additional resources.
Judy Hogan of Hoganvillaea Farm is a sustainable farmer whose main goal is self-sufficiency and growing her own food. She began raising White Rock chickens in 2003, and she sells extra eggs, vegetables, fruit, herbs to restaurants and individuals. She’s a member of Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. A published poet, free-lance writer, and creative writing teacher, she lives in Moncure near Jordan Dam.
For more information: Judy Hogan, (919) 545-9932
To enroll: Lee County Continuing Education, CCCC. (919)775-2122, x7793

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