Local CSA Effort Underway! Take the Survey

Incredible, well-organized, well-thought-out grass-roots effort taking shape here in our own backyards!

"What is the Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative?" A business enterprise selling fresh local food to local households. It is not another store you need to visit, rather the food is brought to you. Simply sign up and you will receive, every week, a box of the fresh local produce that is in season.

This effort is in the initial stages. In order to get this enterprise off the ground we need to demonstrate to the local farmers that significant demand exists for their products. So we are researching consumer attitudes, behaviors and willingness to subscribe so we can approach the farmers with facts, not just hunches. The best way you can help:

1) Please fill out this brief on-line survey.


2) If you live in the Sandhills, please forward this email to everyone in your region. This program benefits US ALL. If you live elsewhere, see if your locale is supplying these benefits. If you're already plugged into local buying and eating, GOOD FOR YOU in sooo many ways!

Thank you so much for taking the time!

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