Robbins, Sept. 12, Recycled Art and Regatta

Recycled Regatta & Recycled Art Contest
Robbins, NC, Sept. 12

If you haven't heard, it's a race where participants build boats and race them over a short course on Bear Creek. Kids of all ages will assemble boats from normally discarded materials, and compete by them paddling or using sail power. The Recycled Art contest challenges anyone to create on, or using recycled materials.

Organizers hope to pull people together, jump start their creativity, raise awareness about recycling, and have fun along the way.

Not sure how to build a recycled boat? Google recycled boats, or cardboard boats. You'll find videos, photos, and the basic science of buoyancy. Or look for ideas on the Town website below.

Don't have time to build a boat? Sign up for the Build-It-On-Site kit!

Recycled Regatta and Recycled Art Contest pdf

See you on September 12th!

Randall Moore
Director of Marketing
Town of Robbins
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