World Empathy Tip # 125

During my vacation I met 4 nurses from England. They were on a 10 day vacation from their job ashospice nurses. I could tell from talking with them that they were burned out. I offered 2 of them appreciations as being a group that helped my family while my step-dad was moving through his final days.

I replayed my stories for them and the values and needs the Hospice staff met for my family and myself knowing that they offer the same amazing support. It was a powerful appreciation and using my compassionate communication skills I made sure they heard and understood my words to them, so they could feel the energy of the values being met. I could see their energy rise immediately.

The Tip:
This week if someone says a thank you to you or offers an appreciation for something you did, stop, take a breath and feel that appreciation. Identify the values that you met for another. Relish in the life energy that will be rejuvenated. Mostly, take your time to appreciate the appreciation.

Better yet, look back a few days and identify something that you did for another or for yourself to make life easier or more rewarding. Take a moment and again feel the energy. This is a time not to be humble, just appreciative for your compassion and contribution to life.

Maybe something you did for a loved one, friend or a stranger. Take a minute to remember the situation and what values were met. Take a few deep breaths then go on with your day. Try this before you leave your bed for the day and before you sleep. Try it now.

May you find ways to meet all your needs.

Rick Goodfriend
Founder - World Empathy day

Author of "I Hear You, But..."
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PS. Any comments on this tip or how to make World Empathy Day more
effective would be a contribution.

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