Kilowatt Ours Links Up with Whole Foods

[from the makers of the movie, Kilowatt Ours]
Pssst... The Kilowatt Ours DVD is now on sale at Whole Body/Whole Foods in Nashville. For readers not in Nashville, I have this to share: My dream is that Whole Foods Market will carry Kilowatt Ours in all stores nationwide, and you can help. Currently WFM is testing the Kilowatt Ours DVD in selected stores. If you and all your friends purchase the DVD and/or request a copy and the DVDs fly off the shelves, Whole Foods will likely continue promoting it --getting the conservation message out to new audiences and financially supporting our work.

Please visit your local Whole Foods Market (find a store at: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=Dwhah&m=1dQiDS5ryTuyw5&b=P0Nlbh1Z45xasxuSiU8KIA) and ask if they carry KO. If they don't, please request it.

If they do carry KO, make a purchase--it is still a great gift for friends and family. And encourage your friends to pick up their copy too! THANK YOU!

**ENERGY SAVING TIP** As the cooling season draws to a close, please remember to change the filter in your HVAC intake vent. This will improve your indoor air quality and cut energy usage as we move into the heating season.

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