Aging Poet Farmer Speaks, April 22

We have excitement here in Pittsboro with the Pittsboro-CCCC library rising against the sky on the Pittsboro campus. You can see it from 87, heading north out of Pittsboro, and to my astonishment, the Friends of the Pittsboro Memorial Library asked me to speak to their April 22 meeting, Thurs, 7:30 PM, Senior Center, just off 87 N. A little past that library on your left.

My topic is: "My Life and Economics as an Aging Poet-Farmer," with focus on how I have lived by relying more on the gift economy than on the market economy. My passion to write led to valuing time more than money. In the desperate circumstances that inevitably arose, learn how I became Sartre’s "genius," inventing solutions, which may seem outrageous, insane, and definitely high risk, but I enjoy good health, write regularly, and keep active and happy. I will read excerpts from my just completed book, Pushkin and Chickens: The Story of My Farm. http://judyhogan.home.mindspring.com

Also, remember that the CCCC Creative Writing Courses for the spring semester are about to begin--all genres being offered both in courses meeting weekly and in Saturday workshops. Don't miss this opportunity. I'll be teaching "The Tradition Helps Find the Poetic Voice." Mondays, 7-9 PM, March 1-April 26. www.cccc.edu/creativewriting

Call 542-6495, x223 to enroll now! Judy Hogan

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