Reminder, Food, Inc. and Fresh, Oct. 20-23, Sunrise Theater

The movie "Food, Inc" is returning to the Sunrise Theater in October.
Pairing up with it is a brand new solution- and action-oriented food movie called "Fresh".

After two sell-out nights in August for the documentary "Food, Inc," the Sunrise Theater is bringing it back.

Yes, the important and much-talked-about "FOOD, INC" will make its return engagement Tues-Wed, Oct 20-21. If you didn't get to see, now is your chance, and bring a friend. If you have seen it, tell a friend.

Hard on the heels of "Food, Inc", comes another food film. The Sunrise has also booked the new movie "Fresh" for Thur-Fri, Oct 22-23 .

It's been said that if "Food, Inc" was your wake-up call, "Fresh" is a look at some of our options.

"Fresh" (see: www.freshthemovie.com).
is confirmed for Thur-Fri, Oct 22-23 on the heels of "Food Inc."

Get the dates down on your calendar. And bring a friend!

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