Sustainable Sandhills Wins Energy Award

The 2009 Sustainable Energy Community Leader of the Year Award goes to…. Sustainable Sandhills!

Sustainable Sandhills is the 2009 Sustainable Energy Community Leader of the Year! The NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) honored SS for “Faithful and Valuable Leadership in Promoting Sustainable Energy in North Carolina.”

"Thanks to the hard work of the Sustainable Sandhills staff and board, the organization continues to grow and increase their impact on the eight county region surrounding Fort Bragg. Sustainable energy has a champion in Southeastern NC, and it is Sustainable Sandhills," announced Ivan Urlaub, Executive Director of NCSEA, while presenting the award.

SS is dedicated to community involvement in programming, including:
- A community-driven Sustainability Master Plan recently adopted by Fayetteville’s City Council.
- A low-income weatherization program using local utility-donated materials and community/faith-based volunteers.
- The SS Certified Green Business program recognizing sustainable energy, water and solid waste practices by small businesses in the region.
- Community Action Teams in each county providing an opportunity for residents to learn about sustainability and participate in local projects.

A few easy ways to conserve energy in your everyday life include:
- Turn off lights when not needed
- Unplug laptops, battery chargers and electronic devices when not in use
- Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs
- Dry clothes on a rack or clothes-line instead of in the dryer
- Place weather stripping on doors and windows to keep heat in this winter

Sustainable Sandhills is hosting the Green Living and Design Tour on November 7, 2009 in Cumberland, Moore, Hoke and Harnett Counties, and on Fort Bragg. The Tour highlights local homes and businesses with green elements and practices. For more information, please visit http://sustainablesandhills.org.

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Sign up now to volunteer for the Sustainable Sandhills Green Living and Design Tour on Nov. 7. Please call Heather Brown now, 910-639-7024, to sign up for a three hour shift from 10 - 1 or 1 - 4.